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Рубрика «Техно»

Загружена 15.09.2021 20:27 Рубрика «Техно» Exif: ISO 1600, 150mm, f4.5, 1/500s
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TURBO >>> 15 сентября 2021, 21:34:39

Wondering... how do you value your photo yourself?

stefanosspyridakis 16 сентября 2021, 09:38:50

well in this case, besides some technical issues (ISO which could be changed in a future retouch with a better software), i managed to frame the essence of a night flight of a group of army helicopters in the dark sky after the sunset in a very minimalistic way, that at least is original :):):)))) and i have to point out that it did not happen during an air parade :):))) what do you think yourself?

TURBO >>> 16 сентября 2021, 22:53:26

I think that any photograph should be self-explanatory as a stand-alone work of art. If there is a bunch of text that needs to be accompanied, it becomes "all about the story", not "about the photo" anymore.
Do you see what I mean?
Looking at your photo, it could be anything, from stars, to coyote eyes, to people smoke weed.

Абрамов Александр 17 сентября 2021, 07:56:13

Rightly said.

TURBO >>> 17 сентября 2021, 20:11:26


stefanosspyridakis 17 сентября 2021, 09:46:12

that's is way most of modern art is nothing but crap, just meainingless pieces of nothing (the only value of it is the perceived value in banknotes)!!, as far as the text is concerned i have to tell that you asked for further info and evaluation the only text that i had add was the title. and frankly if you can not see anything other than weed (why? are you already stoned?) you could change the brightness level of your screen or just use eyeglasses (i do) :):))):))
about this ("all about the story", not "about the photo") is it not the tatget of art to create a story so that people could start thinking & talking & admiring e.t.c. about ??? so in this, old style, case through our dialoge i proved that i just created meaningful art !!!!!!!!!

TURBO >>> 17 сентября 2021, 20:10:56

You did not get my point, but it's OK.
No, I'm not stoned and no, I don't have to change brightness. It's your job.
Do you change brightness when you look at Rembrandt's Old Man? Here you go...

Just define for yourself, are you a photographer or a writer. It will sort everything out for you.

TURBO >>> 17 сентября 2021, 20:17:35

Regarding the modern art. Yes, people want easy money. But not everything modern is crap. Check out Jordi Koalitic, say, on insta... the guy has a mind-blowing creativity. And it's modern art.

Makarov1(МЕДОНОС) 15 сентября 2021, 22:39:00

По Малевича косите?

IV_Sha 16 сентября 2021, 08:59:33

Малевич отдыхает...

stefanosspyridakis 16 сентября 2021, 09:39:15


♣ Андрей Иркутский 17 сентября 2021, 15:22:47

Геометрия светотени нравится очень!

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